In order to facilitate the injection of leads from facebook into the Zoho leads approval section of Zoho we use a combination of Zapier and our own Arctic Spas Core API system.

Basically, the process works like this.

  1. The lead is generated on facebook by Riley’s campaigns
  2. Zapier automatically grabs any new leads generated from facebook*
  3. Zapier sends the lead details to the Arctic Spas Core API
  4. The Arctic Spas Core API inserts/sends the lead to Dealer Core system under LEADS post type**
  5. The Arctic Spas Core API inserts/sends the lead to Zoho CRM
  6. The lead appears in the “Approve Leads” (Leads Approval) section in Zoho

* This will only occur as long as the zap is configured in zapier and linked up to the facebook lead ads form created by Riley. This means if a campaign and lead form IS NOT connected up through Zapier the leads will go nowhere and they will need to be manually downloaded from facebook.

**We also generate a “lead id” which is the post id under the post type “LEADS” and this lead id is logged to the api and sent to zoho in the description.


Who sets up the zap in Zapier?
This needs to be done by Craig. Riley will give Craig the Ad Account Name and the name of the Lead Form and Craig will create a new “zap” inside of Zapier which connects everything up. This process takes appx 10-15 minutes or so for new zaps as Craig needs to:

1) Create a new api key for the api request (or retrieve the current key)
2) Login to Zapier and create the new zap
3) Configure the new zap to connect to the Arctic API (this is the tricky part)
4) Test zap inside of Zapier to make sure leads get parsed
5) Login to dealer core and check lead was inserted successfully
6) Login to Zoho to check the test lead was inserted

What happens if its felt a lead does not get inserted to Zoho, ie: lost?
We have ways to check if a lead was received to the api and if it was sent to zoho or not. As long as we have a data point to search we can manually search the database for any record containing the missing data. So we can search for “Joe” and the api log can show us any records containing the phrase “Joe”.

What if Zapier has an issue with contacting the Arctic api, ie: api is down?
If there is an issue with Zapier contacting the Arctic API, Zapier has a nice feature and sends out an email to Jody showing the error.  That email needs to be forwarded to Craig or Justin who will investigate and possibly “replay” the error through the Zapier console and find out what went wrong.

ZAP Naming Conventions

Its very important for managing the zaps that they are easily identifiable. We must follow the naking convention as below.

Zap Makeup

The zaps are very simple. They consist of a facebook app and web hook app using POST as we will use the POST data from the facebook app to send it to the  Arctic Spas Core API system.

Web Hook Setting

Below is a screenshot of the format of web hook which shows what details are sent to the Arctic Spas Core API system.