This page is an overview of how the dealer custom pages work.

The need for dealer custom pages has arisen after we want to be able to offer dealers the ability to have custom content on their dealer sites and internally we want the ability to use DIVI to create the custom layouts for those pages.

This diagram demonstrates how the custom pages work on the front end when a visitor visits the site.

At the time of writing we can create 3 types of custom pages for dealers sites:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us Page
  3. Contact Page

So we have done the following on within wordpress:

  1. Created a custom post type called: dealers-custom-pages
  2. When you add a new custom page you can assign the page to a dealer and specify what type of custom page it is.EG: This is so that on the front end when the Home page loads, we can check if the dealer has a custom home page and load that instead of the default version.
  3. Added a list of shortcodes to the dealer custom pages editing page so you have quick access to the available short codes.
  4. Added the custom dealer pages to the dealer array (which is invisible and works in the background) so that you can work on pages without it interfering with the front end.
  5. During editing mode you can jump to the preview url on the dealers site which make it easier to jump directly to the dealers site.