This page explains what I have done to trick the theme into loading DIVI layouts for dealers custom pages which are assigned to a dealer whilst we are still using the bootstrap theme.

These are the files affected by this change.

A: plugins/arcticspas-core-white-label-plugin/functions.php
B: /themes/arcticspaschild/header.php
C: /themes/arcticspaschild/footer.php

Here is the code changes applied

  1. plugins/arcticspas-core-white-label-plugin/functions.php

    I created a new function to handle the check within the header.php page.

  2. /themes/arcticspaschild/header.php

    At the top of the page I have added this code to call the new function and assign a variable so that the header and footer can load the correct layout for the content.

    Then at the bottom of the header.php page I have added this code to hide the bootstrap elements in order to give the page the divi builder experience/layout.

    As you can see I have made the content area white if this is a divi layout.

  3. /themes/arcticspaschild/footer.php 

    As in header.php we show/hide certain div elements.