When a new dealer is added it will come from Karen (Canada / USA / RoW) or Roland (UK / Europe). They MUST fill in the form here:


This form will notify: Justin, Jody and Mark B. and will also insert the new dealer information (via Zapier) to this google sheet:

New Dealer Tab on Master Dealer List

Justin will then setup a new basecamp project with the DEALER SITE – template (https://basecamp.com/1772151/project_templates) that includes 30 plus tasks and work through them until all are complete.

It is a comprehensive list and will include items such as:

  • registering domain
  • server side addon domains
  • Filling in dealer details on arcticspascore
  • launching¬† website
  • Adding Google Analytics/goals
  • Adding account to dealer panel (https://www.dealerpanel.com/kb/101/)
  • etc.

Once this is launched then the API will pull the registered date into the dealer locater here:


The process for Dealer Removal is similar except that the basecamp template (https://basecamp.com/1772151/project_templates) DEALER TAKEDOWN is empolyed instead.