You are reading this article because you need to complete the “verification/authentication” step within Zoho so that you can send campaign emails with your own domain.

Zoho Reference:

In order to be able to verify your domain, we (the server people) will need to add some special codes (called SPF and DKIM records) to the domain server, which, unfortunately you cannot do yourself.

This is the procedure to follow to gain successful domain verification:

  1. Complete the form below giving us the email addresses you want to use
  2. We will login to ZOHO ONE and get the SPF and DKIM records for the domain
  3. We will add the records to the dns server (as long as we host the domain)
  4. We will email you back with confirmation that domain is verified

Once domain is verifed successfully, you should be able to start emailing your campaigns through ZOHO.

Please fill in the form below and then we will login to ZOHO and take the information needed and add it to the DNS records for you.

  • Your Contact Details

  • Please enter a telephone number in case we need to phone you
  • Please enter your contact email
  • Dealer Domain

  • Please enter the web address of the dealer domain you intend on using with Zoho Campaigns.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.