Use rules to manage emails you receive in Mail on Mac

You can create rules that help you manage incoming email messages and automate tasks, such as replying to or deleting messages. For example, you can create a rule that highlights messages from a specific person, or that automatically moves messages from your inbox to other mailboxes.

  1. In the Mail app  on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Rules.To review an example of a rule, select a provided rule, then click Edit. To close the rule, click Cancel.
  2. Click Add Rule, then type a name for the rule.
  3. Indicate whether any or all of the conditions must be true for the rule to be applied to a message.
  4. Specify the conditions.To use different header fields in conditions, choose Edit Header List from the first pop-up menu. To add your own header, click the Add button  in the Message Headers window.
  5. Choose actions to perform on messages that meet the conditions. To specify multiple actions, click the Add button .
  6. When you’re done, click OK, then decide to apply rules to existing messages already in mailboxes or to new messages.You can apply rules to existing messages later by choosing Message > Apply Rules.

If you have multiple rules, they’re applied in the order in which they appear in the list of rules; drag a rule up or down to change the order.


So for example I made a folder on Macmail called:

*(as I get hundreds of them from Facebook and such)


and created a rule called SOCIAL MEDIA NOTIFICATIONS

Then added the emails from Facebook and Instagram to the rule:

*these two emails:

and then instructed it to perform the action to MOVE MESSAGE to the new folder I made called: SOCIAL MEDIA NOTIFICATION.

I did the same for Basecamp.

I DO NOT need to do it for anyone who is a VIP as they have their own folder. See this pot to see the instructions on how to apply VIPs status to emails:

VIPs Mailbox in MacMail