1. Find the photo in the folder
  2. Select the photo
  3. and open the extended menu:
  4. Preview app is standard on all macs so you SHOULD have it!
  5. Select Adjust Size
  6. A large screen size is 1280 pixels. Make it smaller than this, 800 to 100 wide is fine.  The resolution MUST be 72.
  7. SAVE it as a JPG!
  8. Click OK
  9. Save the File in a new folder or location if you wish to keep a copy fo the original.
  10. Check the file size now.
  11. down from 550kb. This is porportional to photos that are MASSIVE. So a high quality photo from a camera may be 20 or 30 MB…(thats 20000000 bytes). Most email wont like OR NEED to send images larger than 2mb.
  12. If this, for some reason, isn’t feasible, use www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com!

If you have multiple files you can BULK resize. Open them all in preview app. Select them all on the left column. Hit Resize and continue. REMEMBER, portrait images are not the same as LANDSCAPE images and should be done separately.


Find a Mac.

(or try this: https://picresize.com/ 🙂