Do you know what the GMB listing is?

GMB stands for Google My Business.

In an effort to help searchers find your store and manage the store info google allows us to register, verify and geolocate a store which will then appear on the search results when the appropriate search is performed.

Eg: Search for Arctic Spas Edmonton

On the right side of the results, you will see the GMB listing

It includes posts, social offers, area of service, gallery and opening hours.

So to get started, you will already have been invited as an administrator to the GMB listing for your store or stores.

Download the GMB app for Android here:

Or for all you fancy pants, download the GMB app from the Apple store here

To begin with we will be focus on only these things, in order of importance and you can learn them as you go along. Click the title below to skip to the breakdown.


Direct Messages

So you have installed the google my business (GMB) app on the phone where the SMS is to be received, as it isn’t REALLY an SMS/Text, its just direct messaging, chat to mobile from the web, inside the google my business app, and the person responsible for monitoring it should be the store manager/owner as they will also have access to all the other info in the app.

To be clear, that’s you.

Open app

along the bottom of the screen there are four options:

Click the three dots – > click Settings -> Messages – > Turn on Messaging (so that its blue)
*Edit your standard welcome message as you wish!

You will then see message alerts when a searcher clicks the MESSAGE button on the GMB listing, which looks like this:

Click the images to enlarge the examples.


Heres more detail on how it works, how to block people and response time:


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Reviews are incredibly important, powerful for marketing and sales, great for your stores reputation and authority…and DANGEROUS.

Reviews can be posted on your listing by anyone…and they can say anything (within the confines of the law, so no hate speech, racism or other crap like that, more on this later).

Reviewers will generally give positive feedback and that’s great. DO NOT IGNORE IT! Thank them, hell, REWARD THEM!

Give them coffee vouchers, send them a birthday card, offer a discount on a service or chemicals AFTER they give the review. DO NOT SOLICIT them…online… (more on that later too :P)

For the reviews that are negative. This is tough and plenty of businesses are up in arms over it but with the negative and the positive comes a level of transparency and honesty. After all, no one is perfect. What matters is how that customer or reviewer is dealt with.

You do not own the listing, google does, they decide. Sucks right?

First, establish if the review breaks any of Googles policies.

this is important as it might mean you can have it removed before you spend time, stress and effort dealing with some absolute lunatic whos only out to waste your time and negatively affect the business.

This is how to FLAG a review that you think should be taken down.

If the negative review is legitimate you must engage with them to try and resolve the issue with the ultimate aim of having the review removed.

  1. Do not share personal data of the reviewer or attack them personally on Maps, on other services, or in the real world. Instead, suggest that they contact you personally (via Google My Business Messaging, email, phone, etc.) to resolve the issue. A positive post-review interaction often leads to the customer updating the review, and shows prospective customers that you really care.
  2. Investigate the reasons behind the reviewer’s negative impression of the business. Check your records for the reviewer and their experience with your business.
  3. Be honest about mistakes that were made, but do not take responsibility for things that weren’t your fault. Explain what you can and cannot do in the situation. Show how you can make uncontrollable issues actionable (e.g. bad weather made you cancel an event, but you’ll monitor the weather and provide advance cancellation warnings).
  4. Apologize when appropriate. It’s best to say something that demonstrates compassion and empathy.
  5. Show that you’re a real person by signing off with your name or initials. This helps you come across as more authentic.
  6. Never lash out. Never get personal. Always be polite and professional, just as you would be face-to-face.

Remember a satisfied customer can change the review so if the issue is resolved at the very least ask for the negative review to be taken down. If you think it warrants a reversal, ask for a positive review…why not.


Soliciting reviews can get you banned (by google). They love to think they run the world. Reviewing Gating is a thing…(encouraging your customers to leave good reviews while heading bad reviews off at the pass…).

Offering incentives in a public way to GIVE positive reviews is actually negative…no customers believe the existing reviews and it can backfire on you as that gets out and the “well we only left a good review cause the sales guy gave me 10 bucks” type stories come out.

Encourage folks to leave reviews is fine.


but be careful soliciting them. God knows who is a gonna report you to google but one bad one and you can lose the lot.

As mentioned earlier thank positive reviews, reward them AFTER the fact.

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Business Info

On the GMB app you will see the PROFILE button at the bottom of the screen:

Selecting this allows you to expand and clarify the information about your store.
It’s quite straight forward.

  • A Welcome offer! – Use this to encourage people ot use a coupon in store. Meet and greet them!
  • Make sure the address and contact info is correct.
  • Add service areas (don’t be too smart and add millions of street names or neighbourhoods, it helps no one) Simply add a district, county or realistic description of the area you can service.
  • Update your services
  • Make sure the store opening hours are correct (THEN UPDATE THEM ON DEALERPANEL so the website is the same!)

that leads us nicely into POSTS & PHOTOS!

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Posts and Photos

GMB has two functions, one of which you will use a fair amount. The other…meh. Not so much.

Posts. That means writing. No one likes it. Forget it.

PHotos. REALLY IMPORTANT!. Take photos on the phone, add them to the listing. A new store layout, new tub on display, new promo or offer in-store display, a new light that makes the tubs look great, a happy customer just signed the contract, a giraffe that’s escaped from the local zoo and is hanging out in the parking lot!

Anything on site that’s positive, makes the store look good, makes you look good or the brand look good and INTERESTING…Post it!

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Special Offers

As a ways and means of turning “followers” into customers, you can add a special offer. These can be exclusive ot the google business listing so should be straight forward to manage.

At the bottom of your screen, tap Profile Edit.

On your profile page under “Turn followers into customers,” tap Create welcome offer.

Tap Create.

Enter the following information:
The title (e.g. Spend 150 – get a free Arctic Spas Robe!)
A description – SELL the offer.
We love our customers from google and to show that appreciation we have a special offer JUST FOR YOU! For any purchases over 150 you get a free Arctic Spas Robe! Lovely to cuddle up in before and after you finish your hot tub!

Coupon code (optional)
Make it SIMPLE and unique

Terms and conditions (optional)
Something like “This offer can only be redeemed once in your lifetime :P”

A website link (optional) – This isn’t needed. For these offers its best to keep them in-store to get folks on the store floor.

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