You are reading this because you have received an email with the subject line like below saying the lead did not insert to Zoho. – ERROR 13002 with sending lead to zoho

We won’t get into the technical specifics here as there are essentially many moving parts to getting the leads from the sites over to Zoho.

The purpose here is to demonstrate that the error which occasionally pops up is due to an issue on Zoho, not our Api.

This error is caused when we (Arctic Spas) try to insert the new lead into Zoho through our API created to insert leads to Zoho and Zoho does not respond with the right response.

We generate the 13002 emails so that the lead insert does not get lost in a virtual “black hole” resulting in a possible lost sale.

Below is an overview diagram of how the process works behind the scenes when a lead is generated.

The stats below are LIVE stats for all time comparing 13002 and 13003 responses since first lead generated on 2018-07-13 17:46:06 (API log id: 255769)

Total Leads sent to Zoho (All Time): 84,892
Succesful attempts (13003): 84,655
Failed attempts (13002): 237
Success rate: 99.721%
Failure rate: 0.279%


What could cause a 13002 Error?
There are two known reasons.

Reason 1: If there is an issue with the Zoho system and we try and connect and it gives back an unsuccessful response or no response at all, this will trigger 13002. This could be due to overloading on their servers at the time we try to do the insert connectivity issues during traversal of the request etc.

Reason 2: If we try and insert data into a Zoho field which is too long. For example, if we try and insert a full address into a zip code field, Zoho will return an unsuccesful response which triggers the 13002 error (so what we do is, if we detect that a zip code is longer than 10 chars, we insert it to the street field in Zoho instead)

Bottom line is: Zoho does not tell us “why” it was unsuccessful, only that it was. All we can do is send you the email saying its a 13002 issue.

Can we not eliminate these error as in 0% error ratio?

We are relying on Zoho to insert the leads so the power to control the reply from them when an attempt to insert is not possible. All we can, if we get an error from them is send the lead to you for manual input, earmarked as a 13002 error.

What do I do with these 13002 errors?
You need to manually insert them to Zoho. It takes less than 60 seconds to insert the lead manually to Zoho.

What does the number 13002 and 13003 signify?
These are called “API response codes” and are used to identify the response sent back from an API end-points. When we query or send data to Zoho, if they give us the correct response saying lead is inserted, we assign it a 13003 code so that we know the lead was accepted.

When there is an ERROR sending the lead to Zoho, this is a “fail” so we assign the code 13002 so we can identify that the insert failed.

This is how we track where leads are going so we don’t lose any.

What’s an “API end-point”.
This is a technical term used to explain the URL (website address)  where we send the lead. Zoho provides us with a special URL to insert the leads. For example the one to insert web forms is: so we will send all the data to that end point and the end point provides a certain response. If they provide the correct response, we assign 13003, otherwise its a 13002 error and when we see that we send you the email.